On song

When asking the question of a Bard’s magic, you must understand the fundamentals.

A bard does not conjure up great feats of illusion from ancient tomes.

Nor does he plunder the netherworlds for pacts with great daemons and shower the earth with brimstone and fire.

These are the domains of the great wizards and warlocks. Their abilities seem limited only by their imagination and I know not how such immense power could be controlled.

A Bard’s strength comes from the music and the inner prose of a creatures soul.

To wield a Bard’s power is to attune to the very core of a man’s being. To understand his story so clearly that you could control his thoughts and his fears.

I have known a troubadour so great in his craft that he could sing the very life into the recently deceased.

Don’t underestimate the power of the song my boy, for it could raise the dead.

And remember it is always, absolutely, a matter of style.

Loric of Nightstone

As related to Argo Dragonverse. Words by DW.


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