So, anyway, there’s this gnome…

And thus begun an attempt to keep a blog that chronicles a D&D campaign; weaving its path through the 5th Edition Starter Set, one or two main Forgotten Realms published adventures, a smattering of DM’s Guild material and a ton of my own writing (and the occasional map).

I’m Simon, the DM. The ‘heroes’ of our story are:

Felrick, a gnome wizard and apprentice to the powerful and eccentric illusionist, Magister Knotwhistle. He hails from the settlement of Hammersong in the southern foothills of Mount Hotenow, but he now finds himself turfed out of his mentor’s tower, to further his education in the field.

Lythrin is a warlock of elven origin. After making a cryptic and fiery pact with a Fiend of the Nine Hells, he’s on the road looking for answers and trouble – and finding mainly the latter, thanks to his reluctance to ever back down. Ever.

Goldmund, a rogue raised in a Neverwinter temple, is defined by unexpected contradictions. Devout in his beliefs; no faith in authority. Cares deeply about his fellow man; has a knack for murder.

Argo, the Waterdhavian bard has epic songs to sing and great tales to tell. The great heroes of his verse are, well, him and anybody else lucky enough to join his adventure. Fame, fortune and danger beckon, as do fine wines and the other pleasures of the senses.

These four find themselves far from their homes, near Phandalin in the Sword Mountains. It’s a frontier town, with more going on than you might expect. The dwarven prospector they set out to meet, Gundren Rockseeker, has been abducted by goblins, and a violent gang – the Redbrands – are in control of the town. Then there’s this bounty – a hill giant is menacing a nearby village. The money is good, so why not deal with this side-problem first? I mean, it’s one giant. How hard can it be?



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